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Schutz für die unter­schiedlich­sten An­forder­ungen

In the area of floor coatings, we offer you various synthetic resin solutions, ESD coatings, commercial kitchen coatings, coatings in accordance with § 62/63 WHG, colored quartz coatings, polyurea coatings and parking lot coatings. Talk to us – we will find a suitable solution for every budget and every security requirement.

Which floor coating are you interested in?

Synthetic resin coatings “

The perfect protection when looks are required as well as technology

ESD coatings “

Dissipative floor coatings to protect against electrostatic discharge

Commercial kitchen coatings “

Robust and hygienic floors for restaurant and canteen kitchens

Coatings according to §§ 62/63 WHG “

Production and repair of soils in accordance with the Water Resources Act

Colored quartz coverings “

Versatile coverings with endless application possibilities

Polyurea coverings “

The latest generation of waterproofing membranes

Synthetic resin sealants “

The quick and inexpensive refreshing of industrial floors

Parking garage coatings “

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