ESD coatings


Dissipative floor coatings to protect against electrostatic discharge

ESD coatings are becoming increasingly important in the manufacture of electronic parts or entire components. The function of dissipating electrical charge in a targeted manner or preventing it from being generated in the first place is a decisive factor in quality assurance. Defects in the floor coating can lead to pre-damage to sensitive components that only fail weeks later at the end customer’s premises. A wide variety of systems allow us to provide almost any surface with ESD protection. Whether open to diffusion, resistant to chemicals or visually appealing – we have the optimum coating system for every type of floor.

Advantages of ESD coatings


Compliance with the strictest requirements

In addition to the ESD guidelines DIN EN 61340-5-1 and DIN EN 61340-5-1 supplement 1, there are often factory-specific requirements relating to discharge capacity at various measurement voltages and human-shoe-floor measurements. We have all the measuring equipment in-house to be able to carry out measurements during installation as well as the final measurements after completion.

Regular maintenance

On request, we can also offer you a maintenance contract through us or an external, certified engineering company. Regular maintenance can also be carried out by us or the products from our store, making your floor a stable factor in your production process in the long term.


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