Mineral coating

Mineral coating

The alternative to retreading industrial floors

Mineral coatings are a welcome alternative to removing and reinstalling your industrial floor. Whether it’s a rainy concrete slab or an ageing concrete floor – large areas can be reworked in a short time with mineral coatings. The coatings, which cure with virtually no shrinkage or stress, are able to achieve surfaces with a compressive strength of up to 40 N/mm². Layer thicknesses of 4 to 20 mm enable both a simple overlay of concrete floors and the leveling of larger unevenness in a single work step.

Advantages of mineral coatings


Extremely wear-resistant

Commercial floors treated with our mineral coatings are particularly hard-wearing. They achieve the wear resistance of hard material group A in accordance with DIN 52108.

Alternative to synthetic resin

As the mineral coating is diffusible, it can also be used where conventional synthetic resin coatings are overwhelmed by moisture from the substrate. Another advantage: the mineral coating is non-flammable and does not get burn marks from forklift traffic.


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