Polyurea coverings

Polyurea coverings

The latest generation of waterproofing membranes

Polyurea coatings have an elongation capacity of over 300% and are therefore ideally suited for sealing components. Whether parking deck, water tank or roof, surfaces sealed with polyurea are permanently watertight.

Advantages of polyurea coverings


Extreme elasticity

Thanks to its high elasticity, polyurea forgives many imperfections in the substrate, cracks are bridged and movements are permanently absorbed without the surface becoming leaky.

Fast response time

Just a few seconds after the material has been applied using a special spraying machine, the coating is 100% cured. This makes it possible to process areas in the shortest possible time so as not to interfere with production or, for example, to take advantage of a 2-hour period of good weather when working outdoors.



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