IAV is one of the world’s leading engineering partners to the automotive industry. IAV and the responsible construction company Goldbeck brought the P&K Flooringgroup into the team for a new crash facility in Ingolstadt. The challenge: The 6.40 m wide and 200 m long test track had to be leveled in such a way that the difference in height over the entire surface was a maximum of 2 mm.

An immense challenge when you consider that the curvature of the earth alone accounts for a height difference of 1.6 mm over a length of 200 m. The result of the P&K application more than satisfied everyone involved: Starting from a deviation of +18 mm to -12 mm, we achieved a maximum height difference of +/- 2 mm, 90% of which was only +/- 1 mm.

We needed just 2.5 weeks for all the work steps, i.e. milling the high points with the precision fine milling machine, rough leveling of the recesses, fine leveling to the finished level and the final control measurement.